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Overpack Label Size Requirements

ADR Regulatory Update effective as of 1st January 2015 - OVERPACK

Definition (1.2.1) :
"Overpack" means an enclosure used to provide protection or convenience in handling of a package, or to consolidate two or more packages into a single unit to provide easier handling and stowing when transported.

Examples of Overpacks :
  1. a tray or pallet on which multiple packages are placed and secured by straps, shrink wrap, stretch wrap, or other appropriate means
  2. an outer protective packaging such as a box or a crate

overpack example

Existing Regulation (5.1.2) :
  1. When “overpacking” is applied and the marks and labels of the packages contained within are not visible through the overpacking, all marks,labels, and the word “OVERPACK” must be applied to the outer surface of the overpacking.
  2. The word "OVERPACK" must be readily visible and legible
  3. The word "OVERPACK" must be in English, French, or Germanan and in the official language of the country of origin when that language is not English, French, or German, unless agreements exist between the countries concerned in the transport operation.

Amendment :

Effective 1st January 2015 -
The lettering of the "OVERPACK" marking shall be at least 12 mm high.

Exceptions :
The lettering of the word "OVERPACK" for packagings containing between 5 litres/5 kg and 30 litres/30 kg may be reduced to 6 mm in height.
The lettering of the word "OVERPACK" for packagings containing less than 5 litres/5 kg shall be of "an appropriate size"

Reference : ADR 2015 Manual

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