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What is “Competency Based” Regulatory Training?

Whether shipping a hazardous material by ground, rail, air or vessel many factors play a role in determining which provisions of the regulations will keep your shipments in compliance. Regulations, by their very nature, can be confusing to interpret no matter how many times you read them. Applying the exceptions and additional requirements within the regulations can cause even a seasoned shipper an occasional headache. For some employees, being able to take a training concept and apply it to their real life shipping situation is scary at best. Hotel seminar trainings typically provide a “broad brush” approach to training in order to accommodate the various hazard classes of the materials being shipped by the group and the different levels of experience of the attendees. Competency based training enhances the learning experience and drives the student to gain confidence in their knowledge and ability. TCA’s competency based regulatory training presents the regulations in layman’s terms and provides hands on exercises that enable each student the level of understanding to complete his or her shipping responsibilities correctly. Your training is customized to the products your company ships. Group and individual activities and exercises go through the process of preparing your hazardous materials for shipment. Students use the regulatory manuals to identify a material’s hazards and then proceed through the steps to properly package, mark, label and document the material for transportation. Understanding how to use the regulatory manuals to find the information that applies to your materials enables your employees to be confident and efficient.

Should an employer move toward “Competency Based” regulatory training?

Competency based regulatory training uses practical exercises that not only improve the students understanding of the transportation hazards associated with the materials being presented, but also improves their retention of the training material. Your company’s regulatory proficiency protects the communities and the environment through which the hazardous materials travel, as well as reduces your liability exposure. Competence in job functions keeps you and your company ahead of the curve when it comes to training compliance. Training scenarios based on your company’s products and individual needs take your employees to the next level of understanding for preparing your shipments, and permits safe and efficient transport of your shipments from your docks to their destinations. IATA is moving forward to mandate competency based training for air transport of hazardous materials/ dangerous goods beginning in 2021. It is just a matter of time before the other regulatory bodies follow suit; why not join now.

Who in my organization should enroll in “Competency Based” Regulatory Training?

Any individual who has a role in applying the transportation regulations to a shipment containing hazardous materials/dangerous goods affects the safe transport of that shipment and must be trained and certified. Each employee required to be trained and certified in the regulations should be thoroughly vetted to ensure with complete certainty that they understand and are capable of performing their transportation responsibilities. They should also know how to find information when required and apply it to complete their specific tasks.


Is there a cost benefit to Competency Based Regulatory Training?

A good understanding of the regulations reduces errors and therefore minimizes fines and penalties. Fines and penalties are lost money that can cripple a business. Those imposed on violations that result in death, serious illness or severe injury of a person or the destruction of property can be devastating to a company and anyone involved with the shipment.



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