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Is your EU REACH registration compliant?

On 1 June 2007 Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals (REACH), was put in to affect to reduce health risks to humans and animals. REACH enforced companies to identify and register the chemicals they manufacture or market within Europe. Part of the registration process includes identifying the risks of the substance as well as demonstrating how the substance can be used safely. The registration process was to be completed and submitted to ECHA by submitting a Registration Dossier

By the end of 2013 ECHA has reviewed over 1,000 chemical registration dossiers to verify they met all of the REACH requirements. Of the 1,000+ reviewed, 69% failed one or more of the compliance details being reviewed. A compliance review was completed again at the end of 2014, also with similar outcomes. Beginning in 2015 the board endorsed a new procedure for reviewing substance registrations. The goal is to target items that have the highest impact on people and the environment. Specifically ECHA will be looking at high-tonnage registrations with lack of critical human health or environment information as well as high potential for significant exposure.

It is obvious that the ECHA is taking the REACH initiative very serious and will continue to review registrations until a high level of compliance is achieved. It is critical for all manufactures and suppliers register substances with all required data points completed.

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