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What is the HM-215N Final Rule?

What is the HM-215N Final Rule? 

The HM-215N is a regulation that would have harmonized the 49 CFR HMR with the 19th revised edition of the UN model regulations, the 2016 IMDG Code and the 2017/2018 ICAO Technical Instructions.58th Edition of the IATA DGR.  As of January 1st new battery marks were available to consumers, which many battery shippers in the US started to purchase to prepare for harmonization of the regulation. 


What changed? 

Due to the Regulatory Freeze put into place by President Donald Trump requesting that the heads of Federal agencies should halt or immediately withdraw any new regulation not yet published to the Federal Register until a department or agency head appointed or designated by the president reviews and approves the regulation.  At that time the PHMSA withdrew the HM 215N Final Rule.


How could this affect you?

  If you are shipping Lithium Batteries domestically in the US the current 49 CFR regulations must be followed. Keeping in mind if these shipments will be traveling through the US, they would also be required to follow the current CFR regulations.  Which means the lithium battery handling label and the standard class 9 label (pictured below) should be used until the HM-215N is approved




If you are shipping Lithium Batteries internationally the regulations state that you may use either the labels shown above or you can use the new labels (pictured below) through December 2018. 

Do not forget to check with your carrier to be sure that they do not have a carrier specific policy that may impact the shipment as well. If you are still not sure how these regulations affect your operations, Contact Us we are hear to help!

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